First Entry! Yay!

18 Jul

Welcome to my blog! I’m Cecilia and I am truly tickled you are reading this!

I’m completely over the moon about it!

I’ve been wanting to start this for a while now but just haven’t had the chance. What takes up my time? I’m so glad you asked, their names are Husband, Son, and Daughter. They are my life – most times I love it!

Other times…….. Well, I still love it but it can feel good to whine.

This is Husband. He’s great, he’s mostly perfect, and he’s the ultimate family man.

Plus, he’s a Hottie.


This is Son. He’s three and a half.  He’s a handful.  Well, more like two handfuls and if I had three hands, they would all be full of him.

He’s funny, smart as a whip, and beautiful. And LOVING. And KIND.


This is Daughter. She’s made of sugar, and like her Daddy, she’s easy-going and sweet-natured.

I’m so glad to be her Momma.


Since this is my first entry, I want to keep it simple and short. I hope to post blogs about my life and my thoughts. I love food, so hopefully you’ll see some recipes on here. I love fashion and makeup and I want to share tips that I have picked up along the way.

My biggest hope for this blog is to throw my thoughts out there into cyberspace and possibly entertain those who read it. Let’s create an online community where we share and make each other laugh. Please don’t criticize or demean anyone, I will not hesitate to delete comments I feel might be hurtful.


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