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Musings from a hospital bed

2 Oct

I spent an interesting 24 in the local hospital bed and here are some of the thousands of thoughts that flowed through my mind.

– My gown has no ties. Not even in the back. Good thing I’ve been getting my yoga on lately.
– In what alternate universe in this a pillow? It feels like someone wrapped the Sunday paper in polyester blend.
– How can they leave me in this room, an ER patient, for 7 hours without checking in on me?
– Thank God for the awesome fire fighter/paramedic who made me feel safe.  He told me “You’ll get through this. TRUST ME, everything will okay.”  And I did. And it was.
– There is a well dressed 16 yr old girl admitted for slitting her wrists and she is out of her mind on drugs. I hope that one day she’ll realize that God has loved her completely, her entire life, even now as she is making a mess out of it. Also, I am moving my children to the wilderness commune.
– I miss the smell of my husband’s deodorant, gotta love Old Spice.
– I hope my kids are not worried about me. Ahhh, who am I kidding….. They are probably loving their one-on-one time with their Daddy.
– If this lady misses my veins ONE MORE TIME!!!!
– Hospital food is truly the worst food on the planet. I’d rather be eating an MRE.
– It is ironic that there is a tv in front of me, I would love to watch anything other than soap operas and QVC.
– The old lady next to me is going to die alone, waiting for the nurse to come.
– Nope she’s fine, now she’s just complaining that they forgot her pudding.
– How can they call this FOOD????
– I need to get a blanket warmer at home. So far, the best thing about being in the hospital is the unending supply of warmed blankets.
– why do NONE of the doctors look like the ones on Grey’s Anatomy?
– I wish I had shaved my legs.
– My husband is a ROCK STAR.
– My kids are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

– I wish my Mom were here.
– I have the awesomest girlfriends on the planet.
– Sometimes facebook is the coolest thing ever, all the well wishes I received actually made me feel better.
– Joanna is a goddess, must repay her kindness.
– My Italian friends have “emergency” meals in their freezers. They are geniuses.
– My husband is a ROCK STAR.
– I really wish this lady would quit complaining about the STUPID PUDDING.
– Maybe if she’s not complaining then she’s dead, so I take that back. Please don’t die in the bed next to me.
– A cheery nurse makes all the difference in the world. A bitchy one better watch her back.
– You said you needed HOW many vials of blood?
– I heard them say “Code Blue” over the loudspeaker, must google what code blue means
– I would kill for a toothbrush right now.
– They have these neat-o shower caps that you place on your head to wash your hair. They’re filled with dry shampoo, so you just place them on your noggin and rub for two mins. So Cool!!!!
– My arms look like that of a heroine addict’s.
– It makes me VERY uneasy when the Dr. seems stumped
– OMG, I am so grateful I haven’t had to spend much time here, I have family that has been in and out of the hospital, and I now I reallllly know how much it sucks!
– Have my kids always been so beautiful? Have they always been so sweet? Answers: Yes and No (maybe 50%)
– I’m going to do TWO blog posts this month to make up for missing my deadline in August.
– Should I make a bucket list?
– I am so glad I got the window view, beautiful sunsets and the American Flag right outside my window.
– Need to call all my friends and tell them how much I appreciate them.
– God, when did my husband get so sexy??? Or, why have I forgotten that he’s always been sexy?

– This food!! There are no words……. Well, let me try: disgusting, revolting, tasteless, bland, regurgitating, dry, unpalatable, insipid….
– Just saw some footage on Syria, better eat every last bite.
– I wonder what kind of gov’t my kids will inherit?
– My kids, they’re awesome! Danny told EVERYONE on the fifth floor that my booty was showing! Would have been hilarious if it hadn’t have been happening to me.



Great Expectations = Great Lamentations

16 Sep

Ever feel like you’ve set YOURSELF up to fail?? Ever felt like YOU are your own worst enemy??
Me too. All the time.
Expectations People!!
They’ve ruined my day, my week, my year and my relationships. I am alone in this?! I think not. I hope not!!! And here’s the thing, I wish I had some mind-boggling, life changing advice for you on managing your expectations.  I do not.  Sorry about this guys, because let me tell you, I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now, and I STILL have nothing concrete to share.

1. Relationships
I have two kids.  Wonderful, beautiful, funny and amazing kids.  Having these two kids, well, it changed me.  BIG TIME.  It seems as though my life, built around raising these two kids, has become super black and white.  Things either “ARE” or “ARE NOT.”  You, reader, either ARE or ARE NOT.  You either are HELPFUL or HURTFUL.  YOU either ADD to my life, or,  you TAKE AWAY.  I just can’t handle distractions.  Even if you’re someone important to me.  I guess, somewhere along the line, when I changed, I just EXPECTED everyone to understand.  They do not. Maybe other parents understand, but maybe not.  Maybe this is just me.  I know I have hurt others when I cut them out of my life because they fell into the, “ARE NOT” category.  But I just don’t know how to manage the expectation that if you aren’t  WITH me, you’re AGAINST me.  Not “against me” in a malicious way, but as in “I just take another ounce of drama that saps my energy.”  I can’t take another conversation where someone drones on and on about issues that they won’t change. I can’t handle you drinking too much,  when I can’t drink enough.  I can’t handle another phantom injury, when my kid has Autism.  I can’t handle your crappy marriage when I have a husband that is gone constantly.  I can’t handle it and WHY WHY can’t they understand it?!?!  Don’t they know I HAVE CHANGED!?!?!  I expect that when you see me chasing after my kids, or cleaning up their poop portraits on the walls, you’d KNOW that I can’t give you anymore.  Isn’t it OBVIOUS!?!?!?!

No.  It isn’t.  Know why?  I do.


Are you shocked?  I bet I had a few fellow moms rollin’ along with me.  Sorry ladies.  We are wrong.  People don’t understand.  People don’t get it.  And it’s because they NEED YOU TOO.  The two categories,  ARE and ARE NOT, they will isolate you from people who love you.  There is somewhere in between ARE and ARE NOT and that place is TRY HARDER.  The try harder place, is beyond all expectations.  It’s the place where you find strength not from yourself, but from something stronger.  TRY HARDER.  I don’t have the time for it.  I don’t have the energy for it.  But unless I want to be a lonely woman, I have got to let that black and white expectation go.  Have you done it? Show me how!!!!

2. My children.

When I decided to have kids, I decided to set myself up for failure in the expectations department.  I thought, “I will get pregnant without issue, my baby will be born no problem, my kid will be awesome, my marriage will be rock solid, and I can have a life.”

EPIC LAMENTATIONS from those expectations. 

My life thus far, has been a slow and looooong rehabilitation from those simple yet IGNORANT expectations.  My kids don’t behave on Mother’s Day.  My kids don’t sleep at night.  My daughter insists that the color blue is really green.  My son argues with me, and then just starts roaring like a T-rex.  I LIVE for time with my husband and time with my girlfriends.  Yeah, those expectations, they really are like land mines.  I forget about them sometimes.  I will be be-boppin’ along in life and then WHAM!!!!!!!!  One explodes that I forgot was even there, and it makes me want to tear my hair out.   I blame the Brady Brunch re-runs I used to watch when I was younger.  That life with a family, might have its petty little problems, ones that the studio audience will chuckle at.  But nothing serious, nothing scary. When I saw with my own eyes that my son had become the FREAK.  No one was laughing.  When my daughter would climb up on the cabinets and wield my favorite chef’s knife like a samurai sword, no one chuckled.

3.  Cecilia (That’s me.)

I expected to take this “family thing” in stride.  NOT happening.  I am not striding.  I am on the asphalt with my dress over my head and my panties with red cherries are visible to the WHOLE WORLD. ( yeah, that happened to me.)  I struggle with feeling trapped.  I struggle with the enormity of my responsibility.  I struggle with jealousy pangs when I see my friends without family traveling the globe. Or buying nice purses when I had to sell mine to pay for our guest bathroom remodel.  I expected to still get to be ME.  I am adventurous.  I am ambitious.  I have no fear.

Well, I’ve gone THREE YEARS without flying on an airplane to a new adventure.  I have done NOTHING new.  I get scared, really scared sometimes.  I wish that I had left myself open.  I wish that I had asked God for his plan for me, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  That would have squashed those nasty expectations.  

If I could just wake up with NOTHING but an open heart, I would be more content.  That’s the key don’t you think?  Don’t you think that if I could learn to approach with thanksgiving and NOT expectation that I would be a better mom and wife and friend?  Would you?  Could you? (in a box, with a fox?) How do you manage your expectations?  I struggle with mine constantly.  Have you mastered them?  HOW???  Lay some knowledge and wisdom down in the comments sections.  Can’t wait to hear from you.

AUTISM and 6 reasons I might be MENTALLY punching you in the face!

23 Apr

(Warning, this could post could offend you. WARNING, you might disagree.  WARNING, I’m a teensy bit FIRED UP, I’ve had one of my hubby famous margaritas, and my default emotion is sarcasm with a side bluntness!!)

It’s April.  And it’s ASD awareness month, so let me drop a little “awareness” on you.

This kid.


This kid, who has my eyes, his Daddy face and a smile all his own.


This handsome, funny, and tender-hearted kid has



Don’t feel sorry for us, he’s awesome.  In fact, your pity, really offends me.  You WISH you were as cool as my kid! So take your pity and your “sympathy” and shove it!  Yes, I get a little aggressive when it comes to my kid.  If you have kids, you’ll understand.  (And if you don’t have kids, imagine a little mini-you combined with a little mini version of the person you’re in love with, and then make them innocent.  Make them need you in the way that grass needs water.  Make them so profoundly amazing that it’ll bring you closer to God.  Make the thought of someone hurting that little mini-you, send you into a rage that is BIBLICAL.  Like raining fire and brimstone.  Oh, you just stepped on his toe?  Sorry about the whole brimstone stuff.  I’ve been known to overreact.)


If you don’t know how to act when you’re around us, I am here to help you become “aware.”   I didn’t accidentally name my blog, “Mrs.Not.So.Perfect.”  I am the FARTHEST thing from perfect, and you can’t be my friend if you are perfect.  So here is a list of things NOT to do, because it’s WAAY beyond me to tell anyone how they SHOULD act.  LOL.

I’m not bossy, I am “aggressively HELPFUL!” ( Thanks JB.)


So if you see me and my kiddo out at the park, here’s a list of things NOT TO DO, or else you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt, that I am punching you in the face… mentally that is.


1. When you find out he has ASD, say something like, “Really?  I don’t see it!”

Are you a Neurologist?  Are you in ANY WAY qualified to say what makes a kid have ASD or not?  I don’t care if you are a therapist (qualified for therapy), a teacher (qualified for teaching), a mother/father of 25 children (qualified for the loony bin or the medal of honor), a scientist (debatable what you could be qualified as), a grandparent (qualified for spoiling) or a preacher (qualified for spiritual support).  Unless you are QUALIFIED to diagnosis my kid, don’t question me.  I prayed for months, asking for the  ASD signs to go away and they didn’t.  Then I woke up one day and realized that he was still awesome.  He was still everything I ever dreamed of and hoped for.  And most importantly, he was still the child God gave me to raise up and help become a wonderful man. Maybe you meant to flatter me, but you’re not.  Because I know, you don’t know jack about it when you say something like that.


2. Talk to me about people who have “healed” their kids.

You can’t CURE ASD.  Not yet.  When most research doesn’t indicate what causes it, how can there possibly be a cure? You can teach coping skills, social tools, communication skills and reduce behaviors, but if you “know of someone-who knows someone-who’s child has ASD”,  that went off gluten and is SURPRISE!!!!! 100 % CURED, chances are they had gluten allergies.  Show me something published by someone REPUTABLE, not an ex-playboy bunny who got airtime on Oprah, then had to come on again to apologize for starting a movement that was based on crap.


3. Talk to my kid like he’s stupid.

He’s not stupid.  In fact, he’s probably smarter than you.  He might not look you in the eyes or communicate with you the way you’d like him to.  In fact, you might not even be sure that he’s heard you, because he’s covering his ears.  But chances are, when we get home, he’ll repeat word for word what you said, in the bathtub while he’s pretending to be an alligator.  IMG_1542

4. Be a school that tells me what my kid CAN or CANNOT DO.

Here’s the thing.  You don’t know.  So just TEACH him please.  He might frustrate you, he might disrupt your classroom, but he’s IN THE “Special” kid program for a REASON!!!  He’s tough, you don’t have to tell me.  One minute, he’s got you walking on cloud nine because he said that he thinks you’re, “PERFECT” and another minute, you’re having to take yoga breaths because he starting screaming nonstop.  But my kid CAN be taught and he CAN learn, just don’t give up on him.  Help me help you.  Tell me what is going on at school so we can work on it at home.  Of course there are some instances where you are just going to have to PROVE yourself to my son.  Today in car line, the substitute teacher said he had a H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E (she spelled it out) day and needed a talking to.  What happened?  Did he bite someone?  Did he scream until he made OTHER kids throw up?  Did he take off on you in the lunch room and made you chase him like a greyhound after the electric bunny?

Nope.  He saw a puddle and jumped in it.

Seriously? Seriously???????  Geez Lady.  You are in the wrong classroom if that is what a horrible day looks like.


5.  Undermine our routine.

Do you have pictures of a cartoon character brushing his teeth, his hair, going potty and getting dressed on a laminated schedule on your wall?  Well, I do.  Routine makes and breaks us around here. It is one of the ONLY ways my son copes with the torrential amount of information forcing its way into his little brain.  Respect the routine.  You aren’t doing him any favors by letting him stay up late, he’ll be miserable in the morning because he ALWAYS wakes up at the same time.  You aren’t being nice by letting him play cars instead of reading two books before bed, he’ll wake up at 3am screaming that he didn’t get his books.

Routine.  We need it.  Respect or die.  (just kidding on the death part.)


6. Act like ASD is a death sentence.

Autism is hard to deal with, hard to parent, and even harder to understand.  Some parents have children whose ASD symptoms are so severe that getting through each day is a miracle.  Some kids have ASD and seem pretty normal, until you mess up their routine, or try to feed them anything that’s not crunchy, or talk too loud, or wash their sheets in a different laundry detergent, or tell them no, or so on. But as far ASD in the scheme of terrible things that can be wrong with your child, it’s not the end all.  So DON’T gasp in horror. DON’T shield your child from my child like they can catch it like a cold.  DON’T ignore  your child if they have several signs and symptoms, because you’re afraid of a label.  DON’T pigeon-hole him.  DON’T force your idea of what he should be doing on him.  DON’T act like my kid is less than.  DON’T say that we did something to cause this.  DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR US!  We have love, we have a purpose, and we have support.  DON’T tell me he needs medication, DON’T tell me he doesn’t.

***************************DON’T tell me that ASD is the trendy excuse for badly behaved kids-I might ACTUALLY punch you then. HARD. IN THE FACE.*******************************


Here are somethings you can do (I’m totally contradicting myself when I said I wouldn’t do this, I know.):

Pray for my family.

Send me info on doctors, support groups, lectures, programs, therapists, or services you’ve heard are good.

If you’ve come across some research or articles written by someone notable and reputable, send them to me. I am an animal when it comes to reading up on new developments!

If you see my kid doing good.  TELL HIM!  If you see my kid messing up,  tell ME!

Pray for my family.

Respect that we are struggling.  Everyday.

Say something like this:”Thinking of you and totally understand. Call me if you want to talk about anything – OK? Danny is going to do great and he is going to be every bit of the amazing, wonderful boy you always knew he would be.”  A woman whom I had met for 20 mins, whose son also has ASD said this to me on Facebook.  Thank you Jen M.  I cried like a baby when I read that because it was the only thing anyone had said that seemed REAL.  Thank you so VERY VERY VERY much.  I hope that I can say the EXACT right thing to someone someday, and it will totally lift their spirits, like your words did for me.  Thanks so much.

Here is our Autism:Image

Boundaries. GET SOME!

1 Apr

So, I am learning a lot lately on the concept of BOUNDARIES.  And so far, I’ve learned two important aspects that I need to implement now.  Like YESTERDAY.  More like, “WHY in the HECK didn’t I think of this before?”  I feel like if I had done something like this earlier, I could have saved myself a CRAP TON of heartache.  Ugh, don’t you hate that?!  Learning something after the fact, after it really could’ve come in handy.  Argh!  Life can really aggravate me sometimes!  Well, to be more honest, I aggravated myself by the way I lead my life sometimes………..

Boundaries.  For me.  For you.  For everyone.  Jump on my new Bandwagon with me. We’ll have fun.

Aspecto Numero Uno – To protect other people from you:

I need someone to tell me when to stop.  I can be too forceful.  Too opinionated (thanks goodness for blogs right?!). Too BOSSY.  Too quick to make up my mind.  I NEED someone to shake me by the shoulders and say, “Enough already!!!!!” I am learning that most times, NO ONE in my life really wants to hear what I THINK they should do.  If you’re bossy like me you KNOW it’s true!! PEOPLE ARE GOING TO DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO.   I think they just ask for advice to make themselves feel better about the choice they’ve already made in their head.  How would they feel better?  Because now, they can give themselves reassurance that indeed, they asked for advice!  Whatever decision is made, it’s not impulsive!  So WHY, WHY, WHY do I keep telling people what to do???  Who made me Queen of the world? No one. But I do think I would make a great Queen if there are any countries looking. I’ll need a clothing allowance.  Just sayin’.

It stinks when people ask and don’t take your advice doesn’t it?  That phrase, “I told you so.”  It sucks.  It sucks to hear and it sucks to see someone struggle when, IF they had ONLY JUST LISTENED, it could have been avoided!!! If you like saying, “I told you so” I would like to know why, because I HATE IT!

Example: “Cecilia, my husband and I are fighting a lot over _______.”  (Money, kids, sex, religion, in-laws, ex’s, you name it)

The old me: “Well, you should get it together and stop doing _______.  That’s why you guys are fighting and if you don’t do _____ it’s just gonna get worse and then ______ will happen and it be worse and then you’ll get divorced.”  That’s a summed up version, because basically, I can talk for muuuuuch longer than that.

The ideal me: “Man, I am really sorry to hear that.  How can I help?  I will pray for you guys.  I can watch your kids when you’re in marriage counseling.  I can make you dinner to take the pressure off for a night. Is there anything in the BIBLE about that, it’s pretty much the bomb diggity as far as life lessons go. Let me clarify, are you wanting an opinion or are you just wanting to vent?”

Somewhere between the ideal me and the old me, is where I am right now.  Where are you?  You might not be bossy.  Maybe you’re smug.  Maybe you’re judgemental.  Maybe you’re an emotional roller coaster. Maybe you give and give until you’re empty. Maybe you gossip. Maybe you’re a narcissist.  We’ve all got our flaws.  You know in your heart of hearts what yours are.  Pray about it and ask God for a solution to save your relationships.  I did and boy, we came up with an answer!!  For whatever reason, God made me exactly the way I am.  It’s my challenge to find a way to channel that into something that reflects LOVE.  One of my son’s favorite books says this phrase, “I’d rather be helpful than hurtful.”  I had to start asking if I was helping or hurting with my opinions.  Here’s what I figured out with a little help from praying about it:  Ask people for a boundary and respect them.  I actually did that just today, and I really think it’s going to ease some tension in my friendship.  I asked my friend to tell me whether or not she wants my opinion and I promised to stick to it.

A woman I know offered a little advice on boundaries, “If we start out our relationships with boundaries, we stay in control. It takes more work, more effort and carries more risk to create boundaries after things go awry than if we do it ahead of time.”

Aspecto Numero Dos – To protect yourself from others:

Who takes advantage of you? (One friend had a person stay for five days when they only agreed on three!)  Who hurts your feelings?  Who makes you feel less than the super cool person you are?  I am hoping that it’s not someone you call a friend.  Read my blog on Friendship, and release that person into the ACQUAINTANCE ZONE.  I’m guessing it’s the people you can’t get rid of.

Um, not that you’d want to….

Your parents, your siblings, your boss, or maybe even your spouse?  LISTEN TO ME.

wait.  Ah shucks, there I go again, telling you what to do. BUT!  You’re reading this blog so you’ve basically signed up for my opinion.

So, LISTEN TO ME MY FRIENDS.  We are getting hurt because we have no boundaries. END OF STORY.

Remember Dr. Phil?  For some reason in my early twenties I was kinda obsessed with him.  Don’t ask.  He said something that I will NEVER forget.



Lemme break it down for you:  I know you love your Momma.  And I know your Momma loves you.  And I also KNOW that it drives you bat guano crazy when she criticizes your spouse/kids/job/life/finances/muffin top/ and so forth.  I hope you like your Boss. Or at least you NEED this job.   And I hope he (or SHE!) values you.  But I KNOW it drives you bat guano crazy when he (or SHE!) gives you work at the last-minute/micro-manages/gossips about your co-workers and so forth.  So set a boundary.  And reset. And reset again.  Set a boundary until that other person knows how you want to be treated!!

For your Momma: “Mom, I love and appreciate that you have some great advice to offer, but I really NEED to figure out what works best for ME right now.  Please give me a chance to do that.  I could really use your support, not your critiques.  I’m not in a place where I can hear that with love, no matter how constructive you mean them to be.”  Something to that effect I think would really go a long way.  She doesn’t stop?  Sometimes Mommas can be persistent.  “Mom, remember when I said I would rather have your support than your judgements?  I’m not sure you heard how seriously I feel about that.  From now on, let’s put this topic on the shelf.  I’ll ask for your advice when I think it’ll come in handy.  How’s the weather?”   Sometimes Mommas can be persistent AND carry boundary-knocking sledgehammers. “Mom, I love you and I know you love me.  Please give my requests some respect.  If you can’t withhold your judgements, which really hurt me, we aren’t going to be able to talk until you can.”  Hardcore?  I know. I am not suggesting that you cut ties with your family without provocation.  But man!!  They can hurt you.  They know how.  And you can still be honorable and respectful and refuse to sign yourself up for abuse.  TRAIN YOUR LOVED ONES on the way you want to be treated.

For your Boss: “Thanks Mr. Miyagi for trusting me with all this responsibility. How am I supposed to wax on AND off, on top all this other work?  I am grateful and excited for the opportunity to show you that I can handle it.  I am going to need to prioritize to get these things to get them done in a timely manner.  Can you show me what you want done right now, and which tasks can wait until the end of the week/month/quarter?”  DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get fired over this blog.  DO NOT GET FIRED OVER THIS BLOG.  DO NOT!!!  If your boss takes advantage of you and you need the income to feed your children, DO NOT make demands of them.  DO NOT GET FIRED OVER THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!  Be persistent but not INSISTENT!  Roger that? And look for another job, WHILE YOU HAVE THAT ONE.  DO NOT GET FIRED OVER THIS BLOG!!  Ask for a plan that he (or SHE!) approves of.  If they can’t give that to you, make one yourself and then make sure you’re on the right track to complete the assignments the way they want them.  Should I say it again?  Just in case? DO NOT GET FIRED OVER THIS BLOG!

Boundaries.  They’re like well-tailored trouser pants.  Everyone needs them.  They aren’t easy to find.  And sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice something to get them.  But once you find some that work for you, you’ll never buy cheap pants again.

I hope you can be successful.  Be helpful, not hurtful. Be respectful but not a whipping post.  Train others how to treat you. DON’T GET FIRED!  

Reflect God’s LOVE. 

How to Make Friends. Part Two

24 Dec

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Thanksgiving – The Aftermath

24 Nov

In this post I’d love to share some of the recipes that WORKED for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Maybe you can add them to your arsenal next year.  If I made any adjustments, I’ll note them with the link.

For the turkey:

BRINE PEOPLE, BRINE!!!!!! I’ve been doing it since it became trendy about 4 years ago.  I also follow Alton Brown’s cooking instructions in this video.  NOTE: the leave-in thermometer that reads temp as the cooking process continues, it’s a must.  Go out and buy one yesterday! It’s the BOMB DIGGITY! (yes, I just said that.) Here’s one similar, although mine doesn’t talk.


For the cranberry sauce:

Alex Guarnalththuthggh (still not sure how to pronounce her last name)

I quadrupled the recipe, we like our cranberries around here.  I left out one cinnamon stick because I like my sauce with a little bit of tang, to contrast the savory taste of cornbread stuffing.


Pumpkin Pie:

Took this to the fire station my husband works at and the fire fighters LOVED it! Normally, I’d be inclined to think that a group of men would eat anything you’d put in front of them, but fire fighters are different: they can cook.  Except my husband, who’s been banned for life from the kitchen. Anyway, the mascarpone cheese makes all the difference in the world.


Cauliflower Gratin

Ina Garten or The Barefoot Contessa, is my “Michael Jordan” of cooking.  Her recipes deliver, every time, no exceptions.  She’s my hero. I want her life. I want that AHMAZZZZZZing house/barn/kitchen thing she has just for cooking and entertaining.  And that herb garden, and all those amazing friends that show up randomly to decorate, speak french, and shower her with compliments.


Not that I EVER give up my two kiddos:

that are sometimes booger covered and chant “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…” relentlessly, or my home that needs walls knocked down and pastel wall paper torn off….

The other things that worked are family recipes, which have no measurements and would frustrate me trying to write them down and you trying to interpret my “pinch of this” and “handful of that” instructions.

Now here’s where we get to my weakness: leftovers.  This morning we made a Quiche (aka “egg pie” – we isn’t too fancy ’round here). But that’s all I got, folks.  Any suggestions?  I’m dying to make something new and exciting out of my leftovers!  Hit me up with a link or two if you have some favorites!

Now, we are off to pick up our Christmas TREE!!!! YAY!!!

The Fairy Tale Thanksgiving.

19 Nov

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I have been daydreaming about the picture perfect day.  Mine goes something like this:


All the prep work has been done days in advance, and all I have to do is baste the organic, free range turkey that I have NEVER been able to afford in the past.


My children are neat, well-groomed and sit nicely at the table. When they are finished with their meals, they play quietly and kindly in the living room, so the adults can finish their meals in harmony. My three year old eats all his veggies, and my 18 month old doesn’t attempt to re-drywall the ceiling with mashed potatoes.  And if she does, I find the mess THIS year, instead of my insanely clean mother-in-law finding it NEXT year.


My step-children show up on time, exclaim that they are sooooo excited to be here and are delighted to try some new veggie side dishes, because suddenly their picky eater mentality has disappeared. Turns out, they shutter at what their lives were like before me, roasted brussels sprouts and green bean casserole (made without the can of heart stopping grey slime) and would never want to go back.


My husband, after watching the turkey carving video almost 1000 times, manages to PERFECTLY dismember our beautiful, juicy turkey. He also is actually home for Thanksgiving, instead of working at the fire dept.  I also remembered EVERY ingredient so I don’t have to send him across town for poultry seasoning, milk or a frozen pie crust to replace my botched homemade ones.


I am not sweating like a pig from being in the kitchen all day.  My hair isn’t in a frizzy bun on top of my head, but straightened and there is not a single GREY hair to be found. When the table is set with my Versace china, Waterford goblets, and SILVERware, I simply get to untie my vintage apron and sit down with my family. My chic Banana Republic ensemble is stain-free and lacking in soggy armpits because no one needs to know how nervous I am about doing a good job.  Once seated, I don’t have to get up from the table twenty times, to get little things that I have forgotten, and so of course, my meal stays hot and delicious.


While I am eating my HOT meal, we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for, suddenly – each of us has an epiphany!!!  We change our lives for the better, serve humanity, and improve our relationships with each other and God.


I have managed to make enough gravy this year.  Without lumps.


My entire out-of-town family suddenly knocks on the door, surprising me because I am sooooo homesick for them over the holidays.  AND I have enough food, chairs and gravy to accommodate them all.


Somewhere a magical “dishes elf” has come while we were peacefully eating and has done Alllllllllllll the dishes,  AND packed up the leftovers in neat rows in my fridge.  The elf however, leaves a note and says that its okay for me to take the credit for the sparkling clean kitchen he left for me.



My photography skills have instantly become professional grade and our family photo is so good, that I can upload it to tiny prints (for which I downloaded the Groupon, got an insane deal, and remembered to use it BEFORE it expired) and make our Christmas cards EARLY.


Coffee and dessert are served later that night without the pressure of having to camp out at stores for Black Friday.  Because for once, I have already done all the Christmas shopping and for twice, we stayed within budget so we don’t have to stand in line for the best deals.


My in-laws are so overwhelmingly grateful that they volunteer to come up a couple of days early to help with the cooking and cleaning, next year.


And finally,

Everyone feels well-fed, loved and appreciative for all the things they have. 

My Thanksgiving will probably never be this perfect, but hopefully we can achieve this end result all the same.  I hope that everyone who reads this post has a wonderful Thanksgiving with the people they love.  Please, please, please remember the BRAVEST of us, who have forfeited the holidays with their loved ones, to keep us safe.  God Bless the Troops!



First Entry! Yay!

18 Jul

Welcome to my blog! I’m Cecilia and I am truly tickled you are reading this!

I’m completely over the moon about it!

I’ve been wanting to start this for a while now but just haven’t had the chance. What takes up my time? I’m so glad you asked, their names are Husband, Son, and Daughter. They are my life – most times I love it!

Other times…….. Well, I still love it but it can feel good to whine.

This is Husband. He’s great, he’s mostly perfect, and he’s the ultimate family man.

Plus, he’s a Hottie.


This is Son. He’s three and a half.  He’s a handful.  Well, more like two handfuls and if I had three hands, they would all be full of him.

He’s funny, smart as a whip, and beautiful. And LOVING. And KIND.


This is Daughter. She’s made of sugar, and like her Daddy, she’s easy-going and sweet-natured.

I’m so glad to be her Momma.


Since this is my first entry, I want to keep it simple and short. I hope to post blogs about my life and my thoughts. I love food, so hopefully you’ll see some recipes on here. I love fashion and makeup and I want to share tips that I have picked up along the way.

My biggest hope for this blog is to throw my thoughts out there into cyberspace and possibly entertain those who read it. Let’s create an online community where we share and make each other laugh. Please don’t criticize or demean anyone, I will not hesitate to delete comments I feel might be hurtful.

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